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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions,

The conditions,
The following general conditions apply to all orders placed by the customer (hereinafter "you if you or your") are placed at Parketenmeer.nl, hereinafter referred to as "Parketenmeer.nl", "us" or "we" through the Parketenmeer.nl website, mobile website or a mobile device, by phone (collectively referred to as "Parketenmeer.nl").

By using Parketenmeer.nl and / or by placing an order, you accept that you are bound by the following terms and conditions (the "Terms"). Make sure you read the Terms and understood before you place your order.

1.1 All offers, orders and agreements of Parketenmeer.nl to the exclusion of any other general conditions these Terms and Conditions apply. 1.2 Accepting an offer or placing an order means that you accept the applicability of these conditions. 1.3 The provisions can be waived only in writing these conditions shall remain in full force the remaining provisions in any case. 1.4 All rights and claims, as in these conditions and any further agreements for Parketenmeer.nl are stipulated, are also stipulated for by Parketenmeer.nl intermediaries and other third parties.

2.1 All offers are without engagement and Parketenmeer.nl Parketenmeer.nl expressly reserves the right to change prices, especially when under (legal) regulations. 2.2 An agreement is only after acceptance of your order by Parketenmeer.nl. Parketenmeer.nl is entitled to refuse orders or attach certain conditions to the delivery, unless otherwise specified. If an order is not accepted, Parketenmeer.nl communicate this within ten (10) days after receipt of the order.

3.1 You have the obligation to inspect the delivered products immediately upon receipt. Any defects you must report within 48 hours via [email protected] . If it is demonstrated that the products do not meet the agreement, Parketenmeer.nl have the choice to replace the products on their return by new products or to refund the invoice value. The fact that goods or services at any time on Parketenmeer.nl offered, does not guarantee that such products or services are available at all times. We reserve the right to withdraw products at any time.

3.2 Products which is indicated in the description which made the overture called or where perishable and therefore vulnerable and / or special order items are excluded from the right of return and can therefore be no way back.
Any problems we will as soon as possible, resolve in consultation with you. If defects are not reported within 48 hours is no longer possible to recover Parketenmeer.nl damaged or undelivered items.

3.3 Before using your product, you should carefully to the instructions. This is usually on the product itself, it is included separately in some cases.

3.4 If you use a product for the first time, we recommend you to try this out in an inconspicuous place.

3.5 Each order can shop without paying a penalty and without giving any reasons, if not yet shipped within 24 hours after you placed the order be canceled. Please submit sending an email to [email protected] stating order number, name and address. Your cancellation will be confirmed by email.

3.6 You have, in accordance with the law on distance, the right to withdraw from the shop order within 14 days of receipt (cancel), without payment of any penalty and without giving any reason.
Costs in case of withdrawal If you make use of his right of withdrawal, the cost of return for your account. If the consumer has paid an amount, the entrepreneur this amount as soon as possible but no later than 14 days after the return or cancellation, repay.
If you send goods unstamped return Parketenmeer.nl has the right to refuse goods or transmission costs charged to you. The new (return) postage is for you.
In order to cancel, you must within 14 days of receipt in your account to login (registered as a customer) and send a ticket containing the message return and description products with order number and name or if you do not have an account (logged in as a guest) , send an email to [email protected] In this email, you must include your name, order number and (if applicable) your bank details and what you want to send back. Also, you indicate that you wish to cancel your order in accordance with the law on distance. Provided your application meets the above, you will receive a confirmation with a return form and the address to which you can return your order here you have 14 days to send the time for the return.

3.7 When changing or canceling a service contract within seven days before scheduled execution date of operations, we are forced to charge 50% of the original transaction amount.

3.8 When incorrect address or data provided by customers will cost the return and reshipping be borne by customer. Upon cancellation of the order placed these costs inrekening.

3.9 Once we receive your shipment in original condition (Returns are in this case only accepted if the packaging and its contents of the product is undamaged, is not open, not exposed to excessive humidity, or otherwise exposed to harmful external influences ) have received your return will refund the order amount instead. If it is suspected that the product has already opened and / or used in or by the fault of the customer is damaged Parketenmeer.nl reserves the right to grant or partial refund of the order amount. The new (return) postage is for you.

You can choose between so-called "store credit" hold a credit to us and it is the next order of your balance reached you will receive an update on outstanding "store credit", whether you choose return for the money, this will be through be refunded payment method used by you.

3:10 Products which is indicated in the description that called perishables is either custom-made product and therefore vulnerable and / or special order items are excluded from the right of return and can therefore be no way back. Wood and laminate floors, subfloors, adhesives, oils, paints, waxes, maintenance products, related products and products to be specially ordered and special tools.

4.1 The prices are in euros including VAT but excluding shipping costs. Unfortunately products where we have to charge more for shipping, but this can not be included in the payment module this state with every article mentioned where applicable. The shipping costs for skirting boards and profiles and other heavy items such as glue, rolls, other (below) flooring, paint, sensitive products, extra long (greater than 80 cm) or heavier items, are higher charges that can post questions through customer service @ Parketenmeer.nl or call 0133029051.
4.2 Payment on delivery (COD) to pass the goods without discounts and / or compensation, unless otherwise agreed in writing, this will be cash on delivery by carrier should take place. If it can not be reached installment will cost to connect. 4.3 Payment can be made in advance to our bank account by paying the total amount. Upon receipt of payment the goods will be shipped. 4.4 If payment, regardless of the cause, failure continues and we have given our claim for collection, all the cost is borne by the customer (buyer) with a minimum of 15% of the total and are you a late fee of 2% per month on the outstanding amount. 4.5 If the prices of the products offered increase in the period between the order and its execution, you are entitled to cancel the order or dissolve the agreement within ten (10) days after notification of the price increase by Parketenmeer.nl.
4.6 For all our used payment methods such as Afterpay, Multisafepay, Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact Mister Cash, KBC online, Belfius, American Express, Maestro, IDEAL etc. we refer you to the website of those platforms for the current conditions.

5.1 Parquet and laminate floors are not in stock. Delivery can take place within one (1) month. Plank flooring to be custom made and therefore have a delivery time of approximately four (4) working weeks, unless otherwise specified by Parketenmeer.nl. 5.2 If we do, we will incur additional shipping and storage costs can not deliver the goods by absence and / or otherwise. 5.3 Delivery of the products will take the first door on the ground floor unless otherwise agreed in writing.
5.4 The consumer has the right to terminate the agreement (ordered floors, subfloors, etc.) free of charge and without notice if it is not delivered within 30 days.

6.1 The ownership of the goods is transferred only when all you owe under any agreement Parketenmeer.nl have paid. The risk of the goods shall pass at the time of delivery to you.

7.1 For misunderstandings, mutilation, delays improper transmission of orders and messages resulting from the use of Internet or other communication between you and Parketenmeer.nl or between Parketenmeer.nl and others, as it relates to the relationship between you and Parketenmeer.nl, Parketenmeer.nl is not liable, except to the extent there might be intent or gross negligence of Parketenmeer.nl. 7.2 Special order items, fresh items and custom-made products are excluded from the right to return.
If you have registered your email address, you will receive after placing an order, if we unfortunately can not deliver your order confirmation by e-mail., We will let you know as soon as possible. If the order has already been paid, we will try to refund the payment via the payment method used by you.

ARTICLE 8. Force majeure.
8.1 Without prejudice to its other rights, Parketenmeer.nl case of force majeure the right, at its option, the execution of your order to suspend or terminate the agreement without judicial intervention by informing you of this in writing to parts and without Parketenmeer.nl liable for any compensation, unless this would be unacceptable in the circumstances to standards of reasonableness and fairness. 8.2 Force majeure is defined as any failure can be attributed to Parketenmeer.nl because it is not due to her fault and not under the law, legal treatment or generally accepted for its account in traffic.

9.1 All goods delivered peace the normal, by the manufacturer of the product supplied, warranty provided. 9.2 Incorrect processing of the products may void your warranty. 9.3 Failure to follow the (processing) requirements of the product description is at your own risk.

10.1 If by Parketenmeer.nl for any length of time does not deviate allowed these conditions will not prejudice their right to demand immediate and strict compliance with these conditions. You can never assert any right by virtue of the fact that Parketenmeer.nl these conditions smoothly.
10.2 If one or more provisions of these terms or any other agreement with Parketenmeer.nl might be in conflict with any applicable provision, the provision will lapse and will be replaced by setting a new by Parketenmeer.nl lawful condition.

10.3 Parketenmeer.nl is competent in the execution of your order (s) use of third parties.
10.4 There Parketenmeer.nl in no way involved in the processing of supplied goods is Parketenmeer.nl not to be liable in any way for direct or indirect loss resulting from this processing.

10.5 The goods supplied by Parketenmeer.nl work under the influence of fluctuations in temperature and / or humidity. Loss resulting from a structurally high or low temperature and / or humidity is beyond our responsibility and therefore not eligible for compensation.

10.6 All rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these conditions apply, including these conditions, only Dutch law. All disputes between parties will be submitted exclusively to the competent court in the Netherlands.

Company: Tisa (Parquet and paint etc)
Webshop www.Parketenmeer.nl
Showroom, warehouse (by appointment)
Edisonstraat 19 B
5051 DS Goirle
KVK: 59870923
VAT No: NL853675351B01
Reachable by phone:
+31 (0) 133 029 051
Mon t / m Fri 9: 30-12 and 13-17uur, Sat 9: 30-13uur

The Buyer acknowledges that all intellectual property rights to the information, communications or other expressions concerning the products and / or concerning the internet site at Parketenmeer.nl, its suppliers or other claimants.

10.9 Parketenmeer.nl the data of the purchaser exclusively in accordance with its privacy policy. Parketenmeer.nl will observe the applicable privacy regulations and legislation.

All offers of Parketenmeer.nl, its agreements and their implementation is exclusively governed by Dutch law. The Vienna Sales Convention is expressly excluded.


The site of Parketenmeer.nl may contain third party advertisements or links to other sites. On the privacy policies of these third party sites Parketenmeer.nl has no influence and is therefore not liable.


You can always ask Parketenmeer.nl which data are processed about you. For this purpose, please send an e-mail. Also, you can ask to make improvements, additions or other corrections COMPANY NAME e-mail, which Parketenmeer.nl will process as soon as possible. If you no longer wish to receive information please COMPANY NAME thereof inform. Transmission of information occurs only if you previously entered your email address.


Additional or of these terms and conditions, may not be to the detriment of consumers and should be recorded in writing or in such a way that they can be stored by the consumer in an accessible manner on a durable medium.

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